What is a mortgage loan?

How to payment
Piano di Amurtaminto which it is how to repay the loan. There are several data Stsudaid loan, including “Amurtaminto Francheza ‘” each installment consists of share Interest share capital .hss capital increase and lots of interest less as initially large share consists of interest and while approaching the end of the loan grow up share capital.

It consists of share premium to pay interest and to repay the share capital during a certain period of time, a month or every month or every three major Sth months. Pay the premium in a systematic manner, is an important time in the life of the loan because due to the delay or non-payment applies extra benefit “as the bank can Altanj this delay to end the contract and when the delay in payment is repeated at least 7 times, even non-sequential.

When the delay in payment, and will be paid the premium between
For a loan you need to put up an effective guarantee, mortgage guarantee, which is applied to a home that is financed. Mortgage registration of real estate is registered as a contract year and be in front of a notary. And it gives the bank the taxpayer the right to a home in the absence of the possibility of Assadod religion. Mortgage can be applied either on the property, which give the right for the taxpayer to ensure the payment of the debt and make sensible in its potential sale Wakhed his money.